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This site will eventually become a comprehensive guide to the location of battlefields and military sites in North America, with aim of promoting in person visits. I won't be writing detailed tactical accounts of battles, but will try to provide some framing for the sites along with things that help the visitor (e.g., hotel/restaurant lookups, ways to get directions, information on other nearby sites that can help with trip planning and surveys of what is to be found and additional sources of information.) I also plan to cover museums and exhibits of interest, and will include military museums in North America where the chronicled activity was outside the US (e.g., the naval vessels at Battleship Cove in Massachusetts or at the Intrepid Museum in New York City.)

When you examine a page, note that there may be an associated photo gallery, and there will probably be links to books of interest.

Future Plans

For starters, I will be focusing on sites that I have visited: Antietam, Gettysburg, and Manassas and growing outward from there. Right now, I'm playing catch up with the Civil War Sequicentennial.


This coming week, I hope to revisit Fort De Soto and make my first visit to Egmont Key/Fort Dade in a very long time.


Updates to this site will always be listed at http://www.na-battlefields.com/New.html. The RSS feed may be found Here.

Photograph: Ulysses Grant at Cold Harbor, 1864. Matthew Brady photograph, from http://www.archives.gov/research/civil-war/photos/. This image is in the Public Domain.

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