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Patriots Point is located on Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Museum ships at the site include the USS Yorktown (CV-10), USS Laffey (DD-724), USS Clamagore (SS-373), and USCG Ingham(WHEC-35). A collection of aircraft of significance to the history of US Naval Aviation is hosted on the Yorktown.

There is a ferry to Fort Sumter that leaves from and returns to Patriots Point.

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There is a great deal to see here, so plan your time accordingly.

A snack bar is available at the site.

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USS Yorktown (CV 10) was built during WWII as an Essex Class Carrier. Originally to be named "Bonhomme Richard" after the famous Revolutionary War vessel, she was renamed Yorktown after the first carrier named Yorktown (CV 5) was lost in the Battle of Midway. Originally built with a straight deck, Yorktown was reconstructed (like many Essex class ships) with an angled deck in the 1950s. Yorktown would serve through Vietnam and was decomissioned in 1970.

USS Laffey (DD 742) is an Allen M. Sumner class Destroyer, built during WWII. The first USS Laffey (DD 459) was sunk at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November of 1942. Laffey was decomissioned from 1947 to 1951. Returning to service, she was extensively modernized, finally being decomissioned in 1975.

USS Clamagore (SS 343) was built as a Balo class submarine of the general type known as a "Fleet Boat". Clamagore was completed too late to serve in WWII, but in 1948 was converted to the Guppy II standard. The Guppy conversions for WWII fleet boats were developed after examination of the innovations in late war U-Boats. Clamagore was one of 9 submarines converted to the Guppy III standard in 1962-63. She would remain in commission until 1975.

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